Free Gold & Free ATM Card

How to Create account ?

Follow Step By Step

Step 1 : Click on the Following Register Button.
Step 2 : Click on Open a Free Personnal account.
Step 3 : Fill the Form.
Step 4 : Enter Your Mobile Number.
Step 5 : Enter the 4-digit code that was delivered to your mobile device.
Step 6 : Submit your Home address information.
Step 7 : Now Check Your Email & Click on Confirmation link Which you Receive.

For Free ATM Card
You Need 2 Things.

1 : Personnal Verified account.

2 : Minimum 0.2 Gram Gold (0.01 BTC).

Note : 0.01 BTC is Not Fees of ATM Card , you can withdraw that amount from any ATM Machine in your Country which support Master Card , after you Receive your ATM Card.

Upgrade to Personnal Verified

Step 1 : Upgrade Your account From Basic to Personnal Verified by Clicking on your Name in the upper right corner of your Dashboard and selecting "Verify Account."
Step 2 : Upload your Givernment issued ID. For example Passport , Driving License etc.
Step 3 : Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email.

How to Deposit 0.01 BTC ?

Step 1 : Select the Deposit icon at the top of your Dashboard.
Step 2 : Select "Additional Options" from the displayed deposit options.
Step 3 : Select "Cryptocurrencies" from the displayed deposit options.
Step 4 : Cryptocurrency deposits can only be made to the Dubai vault. Click "Next" to continue.
Step 5 : Select BTC from the dropdown menu. Enter the amount 0.01 BTC and click "Process." You may be asked to enter your return BTC wallet address before you click "Process" For Refund if Transaction Not successful.
Step 6 : Copy the provided BTC address and send Exact 0.01 BTC to provided address .Deposits require Only 1 Confirmation. You can also use the QR Code provided. You will need to confirm the transaction within 15 minutes or it will expire.

How to Apply For Free ATM CARD ?

Your first Goldmoney Prepaid Mastercard is free.
The cards are sent by standard mail by default, and the Following delivery estimations are based on delivery times as reported by Users.
North America: 10-15 business days
Europe: 10-15 business days
Oceania: 20-30 business days
South America: 20-30 business days
Africa: 20-30 business days
Asia: 20-30 business days
Step 1 : Select the "Prepaid Cards" icon at the top of your Dashboard.
Step 2 : Select your desired Prepaid Card currency and click 'Request Card'.
Step 3 : Your Goldmoney Mastercard will be sent to your home address you entered upon sign-up. Confirm that this address is correct.
You will Receive a notification email once your Goldmoney Mastercard request has been approved.

Where is My Referral link For Earn Free Gold ?

Step 1 : Click on Football Icon.
Step 2 : Copy Your Referral link and Share it With Your Friends.
Step 3 : Earn Up to $1 Per Sign Up.

How to Receive Physical Gold to My Home?

Step 1 : Select the "Redeem" button at the top of your Dashboard.
Step 2 : Select "Physical Gold" and click "Next" to proceed.
Step 3 : If you wish to take redemption by mail, select "Goldmoney 10g Cubes & Coins" and click "Next."
Step 4 : Browse the product catalog using the left and right arrows, and add items to your cart by clicking on them. The name, quantity, and price of the product is displayed with each item.
Step 5 : When you click on an item, it will be added to your cart at the top of the page. You can adjust the quantity of items once you proceed to the next step. If you wish to remove an item, simply click on it and it will be removed from your cart.
Step 6 : Once you have selected all the items you wish to purchase, click "View Cart."
Step 7 : On the Cart Summary page, you can adjust the quantity of each item that you would like delivered by clicking "+" or "-". Your subtotal, redemption fee, and shipping/insurance fee is automatically calculated for you. Once you are satisfied with the number of items in your cart, click "Next".
Step 8 : Select the vault you would like to redeem from. Make sure you have a sufficient gold balance in your selected vault or you will not be able to complete the redemption.
Step 9 : Your transaction summary, the vault you are redeeming from, and the address your gold will be shipped to are displayed on the Review page. If you have moved and have not yet updated your home address, please contact Support team to request an address change. Redemptions can only be sent to your home address. Check that your order is correct and click "Next."
Step 10 : You will be asked to confirm the total cost of your order. Click the green checkmark to confirm, or the red X if there is a problem.

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